Plum Garden and Hengshan Scenic Area


Wuxi Plum Garden and Hengshan Scenic Area is a famous Jiangnan garden which located o­n the north of Lake Taihu, south of Dragon Hill. It is main part of National Scenic Spot Zone -- Lake Taihu Scenic Spot Area.Also it is National Culture relic Protection Unit. It is started in 1912 by two outstanding Wuxi Industrialists Rong Zongjin and Rong Desheng who purchased a small peach garden and turned it to a Mey Blossom Garden with the aim of “Contributing Fragrance to the world”.
Wuxi belongs to sub-tropical humid climate type. There are four distinct seasons with a temperate climate, plenty of rain, abundant sunshine and a long frost-free period. You can tour in Wuxi in each season, especially, spring and autumn.


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